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 The New cheap playstation

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PostSubject: The New cheap playstation   Fri Jun 06, 2014 5:18 pm

Sony just released the ps3 for about 1400$ in 2005 (some prices in some dealers where higher,and a little bunch of them were lower) In 2014,the new playstation just released,everybody was happy with its cheaper price than his brother ps3,just 599$ but the accident that make ps4 buyers unhappy:the games price is too damn high,you got to buy one ps4 game for just 100$(minimum),dang it men! that buys 4 CDs of  playstation3! or maybe more! Maybe the company is right about the price of CDs cause they are reliable and using an advanced technology,even the content is awesome,but at least the price be lower than this!
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The New cheap playstation

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