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 Clash of Clans Application for [DK]

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PostSubject: Clash of Clans Application for [DK]   Fri Jun 13, 2014 12:49 pm

- What is your In game name:

- Age :

- Gender:

- Clan's Name :

- Clan's Members : 16 Members in total.
Names of the Members:

- Clan's Site / Forum :

- Clan's Owner :

- Clan's Phrase :
>>>>> Kill Or Be Killed<<<<<

- Clan's TeamSpeak :
Soon to be made.

- Clan's Skype Group :
Soon to be made.

- Type of Clan PAID / FREE :

- E-Mail Address :

- Current Location & Timezone :
Pakistan/ GMT +5

- How long have you been a part of the Community?:
February 14, 2014/Clan made: March 20, 2014

- How active are you :
Super Active,4 Hours a Day.

- Have you read ALL server and forum rules?:

- Will you be able to go online during crucial Clan War / Operations hours?:

- Where do you usually access the Internet?:
My Home

- Why should we accept your Clan?:
You must accept us because we are enough better to e accepted:
We will Win all Fights
We got skilled members
We are Oldest and Professionals
We aren't Gods also we are not immortals but we are just Fighters who fight with no mercy till the end.
We fight with stealth,skills and our power of weapons
We are just like to be the rulers
We don't define ourselves people define it
We are not great nor bad we are just Good
We are full of skills and we fight with zeal and zest.
We will show every clan that we will Rule,and they should respect DK.
We will Conquer the Clash Of Clans.

- Picture of your stats :

MG Community Member Since January 2014  
MG Community Administrator Since February 2014
DK Clan Member Since March 2014

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Clash of Clans Application for [DK]

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