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 Sugg for inviting friends. READ

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PostSubject: Sugg for inviting friends. READ   Sun Jan 12, 2014 9:17 pm


All who invite their friend(s) to our server and forum have to recieve a PAYOUT so i made this to help our server/forum!
 Very Happy 

Player who invited his friend(s) will recieve 250 Scores Ingame and he will recieve $100k-$100.000 ingame money

The invited player(s) will also recieve scores and money, but after they have played a limited time which is 5 Hours Ingame When invited player(s) have 5 Hours Ingame they have to take a screenshot of their stats, to view your stats in game type /stats and press F8 to take a screenshot of your stats when you have reached 5 Hours of game playing. You will find the screenshot you took at Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\SAMP\screens.
Invited player(s) will recieve $50k $50.000 ingame money and 150 scores

Post when you have reached 5 Hours ingame.
Do NOT spam with nonsensical posts.
HOW to do.
Player who invited player(s) have to post like this
Ingame Nickname:
Nickname of the player who I invited:

Player(s) who got invited and have reached 5 Hours Ingame have to post like this
Ingame Nickname:
Who invited me:
Screenshot of my stats

To upload your screenshot clickHERE. Then post the link.
When admins see your posts and check invited player(s) stats you will recieve scores and money.
Post can be edited if accepted by my permisson.

Regards NegoLuz.
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Sugg for inviting friends. READ

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