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 [MG] Legends Application ( FORMAT )

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PostSubject: [MG] Legends Application ( FORMAT )   Mon Dec 29, 2014 10:12 am

Hello everyone, today we've added the rank: The Legends,

The name says it all, it's only for true Legends!
This rank isn't like the other ranks, where you can just apply for,
But you have to be choosen for it, so that means only the Owners and other Legends are
able to pick who can join The Legends. as ( accepted / denied ) all up to Current Owners and Legends

So basically you guys can suggest who should be able to join this rank,
To do so you have to fill in a format.
Now the idea is not that you guys suggest yourself obviously.

The format to suggest someone for The Legends is:

-Who deserve it to be a legend:
-Why do you think that person deserves to be a legend:
-Why does that person deserves it and not someone else:
-what has he done to be a legend:
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[MG] Legends Application ( FORMAT )

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