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 [TUTORIAL]-How to register on XAT? [With pics.]

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PostSubject: [TUTORIAL]-How to register on XAT? [With pics.]   Wed Jan 07, 2015 6:58 pm

Hello. Since, all the new players of the community, face problems registering on XAT, i'll post this tutorial, so that you guys can register with ease. Just follow my steps, it's very easy.

When you first load the forums page, you get some random name. Click on that random name, And lick register , down right bottom. You'll be re-directed to the registration page.

Okay, after this. The re-directed page, will have your "Chat ID" which will lateron can be used to login. Fill the boxes, with your information one by one, and complete the "Are you human" test, so that xat ensure you're not a BOT. Click the "Check box" To agree that, you're 14 years or older, and you agree with the terms and conditions of xat.

Aight now, click register. That's it, DONE! All you gotta do is to check your Email ID, which you just used to register.

Login to the email, which you used to register on XAT.

If you don't see this e-mail, check out the "Spam" folder in your email.

After clicking that link, it re-directs to a new page, it asks you to login. Enter your login name, if you forgot, get back to your email, check out the email sent to you by xat, copy your username, and paste it on the "Username' box. Then type login.

Click login. That's it. Reload your page on forums, and then you'd be registered.
If it says anything like "Bad username / pass", just click "forget username / pass", enter the e-mail, which you used to register on xat. Xat will send a confirmation message, click the link, and then change your username / pass there.

Hope this helped you all, for more queries, you can PM me on forums.


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[TUTORIAL]-How to register on XAT? [With pics.]

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