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 Nominating [ṂƓ]ᾋṨṨᾋȖĿҬ_ᾋƇἝ[ȒƉ]

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PostSubject: Nominating [ṂƓ]ᾋṨṨᾋȖĿҬ_ᾋƇἝ[ȒƉ]   Mon Jan 19, 2015 10:30 pm

-Who Deserve it to be a Legend : [ṂƓ]Assault_Ace[RD]

-Why Do you think that person Deserves to be A Legend : He is one of the most matured player,Manages Community stuff easily and in a unique way,Really Helpful etc.Eventhough he is Busy with his life he still spends time on managing this community in a much better way.He is Dedicated to our Community.Have been Helping The Staffs And Player for Months.Deserves to be a LEGEND for Sure.

-Why Does that person Deserves it and not someone else : He really Takes Care of the server,takes great pride and passion in managing Community,Shows Integrity,Motivates our staffs,He is Innovative and So on.Well there are some staffs like him in our Community but for now I'm Just Nominating Ace.

-What has he done to be a Legend : Managing the Community,Helpin Staffs and Players,Knowing Each other,Understanding The problems and dealing according to it,He is Considerate,Initiative and also Got the TEAM WORKING Ability.We always work as a Duo and he had always helped me in Dealin with Problems...Not just me,The Whole Community.


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Legend of Maximum Gaming

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PostSubject: Re: Nominating [ṂƓ]ᾋṨṨᾋȖĿҬ_ᾋƇἝ[ȒƉ]   Tue Jan 20, 2015 8:05 am

Agreed With Alshan!!

Ace is a legend Smile

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Nominating [ṂƓ]ᾋṨṨᾋȖĿҬ_ᾋƇἝ[ȒƉ]

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