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 Format for Sharing Mods

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PostSubject: Format for Sharing Mods   Format for Sharing Mods EmptyTue May 26, 2015 10:02 pm

In this section you can share your Mods with other players. All you have to do is copy the following format, create a New Topic and post :-

Your In-Game name: 
What type of Mod are you posting (Skin, Map, HUD, Weapon etc):
Brief description about the Mod:
Videos or Screenshots of the Mod:
Link to download the Mod:
Warnings/Precautions to know before/after downloading:

Things to keep in mind when Sharing a Mod :-

1) Post only SAFE mods and mods that you have tested yourself.
2) Try to post Mods included with an Auto-Installer to help the unexperienced players
3) A short video or a screenshot of the Mod MUST be provided
4)The Video/screenshot mustn't contain any kind of advertisement,you should record the video in Maximum Gaming Cod Server or single player gta San Andreas.
to the players who download the mods:
some mods might contain illegal cleo mods like after burner for Hydra , we advise you not to use them in battle.

Format for Sharing Mods Mg210
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Format for Sharing Mods

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