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 Total Revision

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PostSubject: Total Revision   Mon Jun 29, 2015 8:21 pm

Hello and welcome,
I am here Reporting Bugs,suggesting and Requesting Grammar/command corrections etc etc.
Note that i won't Use the Usual Format but probably providing same information
Yes.. i know i shouldn't report bugs/grammar and spelling corrections here but I am way too lazy :p i don't want it to take two Topics.. i mean.. WHY Very Happy
1:First off.. Enable Forum Right clicking.. as it Helps me opening multi-tabs for topics.. and other things lol and if you won't do that,please tell me why you have Prevented it
2:i Request Revising the Administrator Commands.. all of it,Some commands.. when written,it says that you need to be (your level)+ to do it,and i mean... its your level xD is it a bug or is it Misspelling ? Some commands won't work..
Also,i request a Command Dialog for administrators Saying What a command does,i'd say that the command will me /ADialog (command) it should be available for all administrator levels (maybe moderators too ?)
And let Low-Level Administrators See Higher level's commands, i mean.. what can they do ? xD
3: a weekly Revised administrator list (a list which contains all Administrators) Which says if Retired,Active,Inactive or Pending.. With levels
4:Base Briefcase.. Whenever i purchase a sniper or something.. i don't receive the weapon.. it just takes my money xD..
5:i have a good feeling about this one,Lets Create Game-messaging and also Somehow make a Mention System.. From the forum to the Game Messaging.. and Especially When You get Reported,it should have a specific type of mentioning.. or an extra word on the mention or something lol
6: Put more Heavy-Vehicles
7:Fix the " Capturing Area " Bug,it's really annoying,it sometimes Spams your chat too
8:This one is not a bug,and not a Suggestion But it's a Request from me to the Administrator team.. Remember when i Transfered Some of my score into the other server ? i had seen it got closed,so i probably lost my score But if you can Just.. Find the Transferation Topic ? (if the Transferation Section is not Deleted O.o)
9: Fix the /givescore Command,Somewhy we now can't give more than 1 Score xD And also increase the limit,as it was 10k Each Command written
10:Fix the /givemoney (or /givecash,not sure as one gives as an administrator and the other gives as a player and takes it from your Balance) as When you Give someone money,it says You gave TOTALLY Someone else i.e (*Writes the command with 100 Cash to Player LEL, " You have Successfully Given the Player xDD 100$ ")
But it still gives the amount to the right player
11: change the Team Radio Command to /Rad and add a command Which Replays to the Latest PM Received (To the last sender) as the command /R (or /Replay)
12:at /COC,[GROW]'s Clan name is " [GROW] Greatest Reinforcements on world Informatics " i'd like to remove the " Informatics " xDDD
That's it for now,i'd Probably add more xD
i Hope you didn't skip anything,as it is Very Important to me..
Thank you for reading,
Please Remember to Replay!
Kind Regards,
(Yes,i know that the signature has this xD)
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Legend of Maximum Gaming

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PostSubject: Re: Total Revision   Mon Jun 29, 2015 8:33 pm

1. Click with MMB and its good
2. k
3. no
4. check yourself
5. u mad?
6. server enough heavy already
7. k
8. forget it
9. abuser
10. money hackers
11. u mad bruh?
12. k

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PostSubject: Re: Total Revision   Mon Jun 29, 2015 9:14 pm

Your Comment is more like a Joke than a comment xDDDDD i like it xDD

Note: i discovered that there's an /rpm Command,but yeah.. too lazy :p change it to /R
Will Soon Edit it
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PostSubject: Re: Total Revision   Mon Jun 29, 2015 11:40 pm

Wasted my time reading this Very Happy. Hahaha
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PostSubject: Re: Total Revision   

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Total Revision

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