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 Important suggestions for server

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PostSubject: Important suggestions for server   Fri Aug 28, 2015 11:10 am

Suggestion 1 :

Kicking AFK capturing players,they should be autokicked from server if they afk capture flags,maybe set time limit to 5-7 secs.

Suggestion 2 :

Clan's loosing importance from server's players,So add a cmd as /topclans to see top clans and their kills and their leader.
ex : /top clans -----> it shows 1. desert killers [DK] [MG]dominator 12000kill
in a special window

Suggestion 3 :
High score/ranked players always use the weakness of new players and earn more score,because new players/less score players spawn with less hp and are easy to kill,make it like everyone from 0 to 100k score spawn with full armour and HP

Suggestion 4 :
I see a lot of people baseraping using hydra hunter,server must autokick players who baserape players after spawn time and ready with guns

Suggestion 5 :
it's not easy to manage clan members,and guide them so /c command to chat for clan members and /con to see who's online and /cinvite to invite particular members to their clans.

Suggestion 6 :
10 secs spawn protection for special commands like /talibanattack,/putinattack.A lot of members still use this oppurtuniy and aim at players spawn positions and kill easily

Criticize or praise me,I'm still an MG player and I continue to support the server,Checkout the suggestions if they are good +1 them,I'm still a proud member of this community,PM me if you want to insult me but not in this thread Smile

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Server Administrator
Server Administrator

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PostSubject: Re: Important suggestions for server   Fri Aug 28, 2015 1:35 pm

1. -1
2. +1 but only clan names
3. +1
4. What will happend with new players? All wil be kicked? And we already have spawn kill protection
5. Already suggested
6. +1 but if not added (like in /aduel or /cduel)
GL Very Happy

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Head Administrator
Head Administrator

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PostSubject: Re: Important suggestions for server   Fri Aug 28, 2015 3:00 pm

+1 for all except 4th one.
And stay cool. No one gonna insult or criticize you
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PostSubject: Re: Important suggestions for server   

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Important suggestions for server

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