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 Forum Suggestion by s[E]ns[E]i

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PostSubject: Forum Suggestion by s[E]ns[E]i   Wed Sep 09, 2015 2:40 am

Your name In game : s[E]ns[E]i_[kM]
Suggestion for In game or Forum: Forum
What kind of Suggestion you want give: 

I just want to suggest that it might good for all the forum users that the size of the images in signature will all be the same. I mean there would be an auto resize of image when they insert it in signature. cause some of the images in the signature is too large and the thread affected by it.

Hope you understand what I mean. Anyways this is just a simple suggestion, its ok if this won't be accepted. Smile

If this will be accepted, I have codes with this problem/suggestion...

Best Regards,

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PostSubject: Re: Forum Suggestion by s[E]ns[E]i   Wed Sep 09, 2015 11:32 am

Aprooved , Placed .

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Forum Suggestion by s[E]ns[E]i

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