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 How to Create a Clan

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PostSubject: How to Create a Clan   Thu Oct 29, 2015 3:27 pm

Hello Players/Leaders of Non-Official Clans here.

The minimum requirements for having a clan thread are:

- A clan name, both in the title, and in the thread (a recognizable logo would be nice as well).

- Clear instructions on how to join, and the requirements for joining (if you have any)

- Explanation of the clan. (What we like to do, what languages we speak, what team(s) we prefer, etc)

- Ranks(if you have them), and an up to date roster of every single member

- A list of allies/enemies (if you officially have any)

- Application format (If you have a separate website, this is not necessary, but is still recommended)

- A link for your own forum / website (if you have one).

- Please post your inactivity in the clan activity check located at the top of clans section.

- Thread Subject that indicates if you are currently accepting applications, and what you're tag is (if you have one):

[TAG][CLAN NAME]Application Status: [OPEN/CLOSED]

Example: [DK]Desert Killers | Applications OPEN

PS: If the thread is in another language, please post what language it is in English, so whoever wants to join can understand it.

If you do not have a clan-thread that meets the minimum requirements, or your clan is inactive, it will be removed from the Clans Board. Clan threads will be administrated by me myself.

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How to Create a Clan

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