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 SA:MP Client Commands

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PostSubject: SA:MP Client Commands   Mon Nov 16, 2015 12:21 pm

These Are The Client CMDS Used For Optimizing SA:MP

This command sets the limit of FPS (Frames Per Second) for your game. The higher the limit the smoother your game is. Has no effect if frame limiter is turned off in graphic options. The limit can be set between 20 and 90.

This command will enable/disable the players head movements, however it is handled locally so other players will still see your head move.

Changes the font size of the UI (chat, dialogs etc.). Valid fontsize is -3 to 5.

Enables/Disables the message that prints when a url is streamed to a client.

Shows the current amount of memory usage. (Although, it usually only prints 128 MB.)

I Hope You Found This Helpful
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SA:MP Client Commands

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