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 [MG]Migs_ Facebook Poster Application

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PostSubject: [MG]Migs_ Facebook Poster Application   Wed Nov 18, 2015 1:12 pm

-In Game name:






-Facebook Profile Link :



GMT + 8

-Facebook experience(for how long have you been on Facebook, what do you have most experience with Memes, advertisements, server screenshots with editing.):

I've been on facebook for a very long time and I also have contacts and experience when it comes to editing photo's such as enhancing it adding more information to the picture depends on what is need to be added to, so when it comes to experience I can say that I do have enough experience for this job.

-How long have you been playing on Maximum Gaming's COD ?:

1 and a Half year

-For how long can you be online on the FB page every day?:

I'm always online on Facebook.

-Have you ever been warned/kicked/banned by an Administrator? If so, why?:


-Tell us a bit about yourself(50 words min):

Hmm, I'm approachable, friendly, you can always rely on me if you need something and I can be always here to serve you for what you have a assigned to me, I always get the job done, I'm a perfectionist, I always fight for my opinion if you ever want to correct me it's fine, but do expect that I have an explanation, I'm strict when it comes to community stuff, it's simply because I want the community to be better and perfect, I'm cool with everything but when it comes to serious stuff please bear with me.

-Why would you like to become an Maximum Gaming's COD FB Poster?:

I want us, our community to be updated also on Facebook so we can share our good community to other SAMP players all over the world, the more the players the more we can enjoy the amazing server that we have been playing in for years.

-Your Facebook Ideas (post some screenshots of the ideas for our FB page that you made):

Screenshot #1: T O B E P O S T E D A S O O N A S P O S S I B L E (Still working on my Photoshop Application)

Screenshot #2:

(You can add more Screenshots if you want, the more we see, the more chance of you to get accepted)

-Is there anything else you would like to add?:

You can rely on me with this one, I'm pretty much active on facebook because I handle pages also haha afro
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PostSubject: Re: [MG]Migs_ Facebook Poster Application   Wed Nov 18, 2015 2:44 pm

Sorry but -1.

I don't see you that much in game
If you don't have pictures then why you applied now??
You can wait until you are done from Photoshop.
Sorry again.

I want to see pictures maybe i can change my vote.

Keep it up,Good luck

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[MG]Migs_ Facebook Poster Application

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