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 A better option to face hackers

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PostSubject: A better option to face hackers   Sun Nov 29, 2015 1:30 am

Your name In game : Kusanagi
Suggestion for In game or Forum: For the game
What kind of Suggestion you want give:

I wondering in the server JunkBuster, because today i saw many hackers in the server, health hackers, ammo hackers, weapon hackers etc etc, i have experience with JunkBuster(With experience i'm mean seeking how it work).

JunkBuster is REALLY awesome detecting hackers, i highly recommend this to counter hackers.

About cons of this, the killing sprees over +10 the JunkBuster detect it as hack, because you don't got killed, but about configuring of JunkBuster, i know a few only, so, i'm recommending this from experience seeking it in action.
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A better option to face hackers

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