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PostSubject: FACEBOOK POSTER APPLICATION   Thu Jun 09, 2016 4:49 pm

-In Game name:DeaTHStriKE
-Facebook Profile Link :https://www.facebook.com/vishesh.shrarma
-Timezone(GMT+1):India Time Zone
-Facebook experience(for how long have you been on Facebook, what do you have most experience with Memes, advertisements, server screenshots with editing.):I am using facebook from past 10 years, i used to share server mems,server funny moments and other alot of stuff related to server.i use to advertise server as much as i can. and its my hobby to handle administration cause i have been promoted to admin on many servers. well, i am playing samp from 4 years too.
-How long have you been playing on Maximum Gaming's COD ?:1 week but, i was having an another account too here which was having 5k+ score but i forgot the name.
-For how long can you be online on the FB page every day?: i stay online full day as i have my personal phone and wifi so i check face book in every 5 minutes.
-Have you ever been warned/kicked/banned by an Administrator? If so, why?:yeah once cause of aimbot but actually i was not using it
-Tell us a bit about yourself(50 words min): as i have already told you in face book experience field. i used to play samp much time. its my hobby to handle administration. i know all the rules and regulations. i play peacefully and never abuse any player.
-Why would you like to become an Maximum Gaming's COD FB Poster?: umm cause i like to play on this server and i've made much friends here so i don't wanna leave this. and want to do some thing for this server and server mates
-Your Facebook Ideas (post some screenshots of the ideas for our FB page that you made):i have made a group on face book. to share things realted to this server for example sharing funny moments,videos, screenshots etc.

Screenshot #1:https://www.facebook.com/groups/1064886540245054/?ref=bookmarks

well, i have posted about this server on samp server advertisements groups on facebook

THank you, regards DeaTHStriKE
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Senior Administrator
Senior Administrator

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PostSubject: Re: FACEBOOK POSTER APPLICATION   Fri Apr 14, 2017 8:27 pm

*** CLOSED ***

Promoted "Trial Administrator lvl1" by [MG]Irish
Promoted "Server Administrator lvl2" by [MG]DarkLight
Promoted "Senior Administrator lvl3" by [MG]Paul
Promoted "Lead Administrator lvl4" by [MG]Shmurda
[kM] Owner 

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