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 Staff Application [Tom2565]

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Trial Administrator
Trial Administrator

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PostSubject: Staff Application [Tom2565]   Wed Sep 07, 2016 10:47 am

- In game name: [A1R]Tom2565
- Your Age: 17
- Where are you from : Germany
- In game score/rank: FIELD MARSHALL / 16.600 Score / 200 online hours
- How long have you been a part of the community: 3 Years - 2 Years ago registered in the forum
- At which time your active the most and Specify your Timezone : 3PM - 9PM in the Week, at the Weekend the whole Day! TimeZone: GMT+1 (Europe)
- Did you had previous experience in being an administrator , if so for how long: I donated for Trial Administrator + Donor Rank 3
- Why do you want to be an Admin/Moderator : I learned to love the Server and i really want to help, how good i can. I want to keep the Community clean of hackers / cheaters and all other persons who breaking the rules!
- How can you help the server being an Administrator : I helped the Server already with 2 Server Trailers on YouTube and i can help the Server as Moderator too. For example: I will keep the Community clean of hackers.
- Why should we hire you instead of someone else? (Explain in atleast 50 Words): Because i helped the people already without a rank, for 2 years. Also im very active ingame AND on the TeamSpeak3 Server! I speak everyday with some members of the MG Server Team Smile So i really want to be a part of it too Smile Also i never break the rules (maybe base raped some times). I NEVER hacked, but i got banned for hacking two times. Also i want to help the Server team, that misstakes like that never happen again. I promise, that im a really fair Moderator.
- Rate your English Level (1-10) : 8
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Lead Administrator
Lead Administrator

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PostSubject: Re: Staff Application [Tom2565]   Wed Sep 07, 2016 11:18 am

You Must Apply for the MG Tag First.
Lock + Move That.
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Staff Application [Tom2565]

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