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 Acer's Ban Appeal.

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PostSubject: Acer's Ban Appeal.   Wed Nov 23, 2016 4:14 pm

Your ingame username: [O5]Acer
Date of incident: 11/23/2016 (23/11/2016 for foreign countries.)
Admin who banned you: [MG][DK]Jalla_
Short explanation of events: My main weapon is a desert eagle (or in shorter terms, the deagle) when it comes to killing enemies. An event was going on to see who can keep Area 51 captured for the longest, and I killed some "pro" I guess you can say players. I was banned for aimbot, which is clearly not in use in the screenshot below.
Reason why you should be unbanned: I've been playing SA-MP for around 7 years now, so I know the mechanics of how the desert eagle works in the game. I never used aimbot in the entire 7 years of my gaming time in SA-MP. I've always used it, even if it's unorthodox for me to, it stills works in my aid in closer combat. I did not use aimbot in the server, and for my score it may have looked like I was just a newbie but if you've DM'd me in the past, you can tell I'm a good DM'er with the deagle.
Screenshots: www.postimg.org/image/ohr6f70hx/5cde6205

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PostSubject: Re: Acer's Ban Appeal.   Wed Nov 23, 2016 4:36 pm

Sorry mate I mistakenly banned wrong ID.
You're unnbaned.If you still can't join game please pm me your IP adress.

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Acer's Ban Appeal.

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