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 3 Bug Report

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-MG- Deadshot

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PostSubject: 3 Bug Report   Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:51 pm

Ingame name : DeadShot[IA]
Bug description : You can refill your health anytime you want with /shelp , Supoort class
Where it occurred/is happening : in support class
Suggestions/Corrections :
Valid Screen Shot : http://imgur.com/a/k0G2j
Bug description : You can capture zones with vehicles,Put the vehicle in the red checkpoint then get out of car and leave checkpoint and get in vehicle
Where it occurred/is happening : every capture zones
Suggestions/Corrections :
Valid Screen Shot : http://imgur.com/a/CGIQq
Bug description : when players join /its2017 , If they dont use /gameover they will have the 2017 portal weapons with 3k ammo(sniper,m4,desert...) even after killed
Where it occurred/is happening : /its2017
Suggestions/Corrections :
Valid Screen Shot : http://imgur.com/a/6c0Sv


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3 Bug Report

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