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 Franklin s mapper application

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PostSubject: Franklin s mapper application   Sat Apr 22, 2017 10:43 pm

-In Game name:Dr.Franklin
-Mapping experience(for how long have you been mapping, what do you have most experience with exterior, interior, etc.):i am from 1 year in mapping and exterior
-How long have you been playing on Maximum Gaming's COD ?:2 weeks
-For how long can you be online on the server every day?:6-7 hours
-Have you ever been warned/kicked/banned by an Administrator? If so, why?:Nope
-Tell us a bit about yourself(50 words min):I am Dr.Franklin i am playing this server from 2 weeks ago and my real life name is baha i am 18 years old and i love playing games
-Why would you like to become an Maximum Gaming's COD Mapper?:Becuz there are not good maps and i want to help this community
-Your maps (post some screenshots of the maps that you made):

Map #1:https://postimg.cc/image/wschadg9t/

Map #2:http://imgur.com/a/pOfAG

(You can add more maps if you want, the more we see, the more chance of you to get accepted)

-Is there anything else you would like to add?:
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Franklin s mapper application

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