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 MG tag application

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PostSubject: MG tag application    Tue Apr 25, 2017 4:03 pm

1-IG : moenes[IA]
2-Age : 17
3-Country : Tunisia
4- 1 year ago
5-11 am// 10 pm GMT+1
6- Yes
7-Yes, reality warning because im raping base and reporting in main chat and ask about give score and Ban : insult player .
9-I can help players to  understand the server and if they have any Question they can ask me .I want  be Official Member to keep the server clean from bastards and bad people and I wanna be one from admins to help staff team also I  will seek to bring order among the players and helping them to know the laws of  server.also I know Rules and Everything about the server
10-yes , I readed all Rules .
12-*i want help players to know more info about server (/Rules - /Objective-/ranks-/….)
*I will be on duty towards all players.
*I will be happy when I help Newbies and players if they have Question.
*Really I love this server much.
*I will do my best for you guys.
13-* Will warn players who break rules and ban all hackers and cheaters to keep server clean .
*I know English and Arabic and french language so I can know who insulting and I can help players if they need to know something of the server.
*I’ll try to avoid fight with players
**And one more thing  I want fix my mistakes .And now I know all things about the server.(give me a chance).Im  friendly znd mature and daily active.

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PostSubject: Re: MG tag application    Fri Apr 28, 2017 12:18 am

Hello moenes: -1
-Insulted many players before,also Admin

I think you're not ready,good luck.
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MG tag application

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