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 NOTICE : [MG]Kickout List #1

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NOTICE : [MG]Kickout List #1 Empty
PostSubject: NOTICE : [MG]Kickout List #1   NOTICE : [MG]Kickout List #1 EmptyThu Jan 15, 2015 9:23 pm

Hello Maximum Gamers,following are the names of Staffs to be demoted to Normal Member Status and Inactive Donors will be demoted to Level 2 due to their massive Inactivity and Unability to contribute towards staff team.

-[MG]Devils_Mate (Demoted To Level 2)
-[MG]Deadly (Demoted To Normal Member)
-[MG]Firebreeze (Demoted To Normal Member)
-[MG]WaterColour (Demoted To Normal Member)
-[MG]Xser (Demoted To Level 2)

With Regards,


NOTICE : [MG]Kickout List #1 2igc9e1

NOTICE : [MG]Kickout List #1 2eoe9uu
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NOTICE : [MG]Kickout List #1

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